Stop Animating the Hard Way!

Are you looking to improve the quality of your animation while reducing the time it takes?

Do common animation techniques feel too complex and slow?

Do you feel like you’re fighting your rig more than you’re creating life?

If you said “yes” to any of these, keep reading because you’re not alone.

My name is Richard Lico, head of animation at Polyarc, creators of “Moss”. And former animation lead at both Bungie and Monolith Productions. I’ve been animating for 20 years and, early in my career, I felt this way too.

I recall the need to control every aspect of my character’s performance by hand. Using sliders and attributes which do not accurately represent the motion I’m editing. Spending hours trying to make my character feel like it has weight. It was far too difficult to achieve great results. But it didn’t need to be.

So I developed a unique animation workflow I call "Space Switching". A workflow from which I’ve benefited tremendously. Using my workflow, I was able to animate the entirety of Moss in two years, alone. 

I’d like to finally share this workflow with you.

With this Space Switching workflow, you can

  • Greatly simplify the animation process and re-focus time on your performance.
  • No more need to keyframe everything yourself! Leverage existing motion in your scene to automate animation!
  • Quickly incorporate feedback on your animation in non-destructive ways.
  • Write simple scripts to replace overly-complex rigging setups.
  • Convert the motion of any animation control in its most useful format.

Higher quality animation results made in a fraction of the time. Quality that can help you stand out at your job. Speed that can allow you to take on more freelance work. Even creating animation with a single button press. A button you’ll learn how to write yourself.

Gain access to 30 pre-recorded, streaming lectures that'll change the way you animate! Information you can't find anywhere else!

  • Download some of Richard's best workflow scripts for students only.
  • Learn how to put your rig into the proper space for easy feedback iteration.
  • Prevent counter animation to save time.
  • Manage a complex chain of rotations with ease.
  • Use time offsets to create overlapping action for free.
  • Learn how to write your own animation tools.
  • Discover how to make your animation an offset from any rig control.
  • Animate Baqir's backpack with the press of a button.
  • Never again worry about how your hierarchy affects your motion.
  • Save time by driving secondary rig controls automatically.
  • Animate props from any pivot point.
  • Use physics to aid in the animation process.
  • Create physically accurate and textured motion with ease.
  • Control any rotation direction using a motion path.
  • Animate tails, ropes, or any chain of bones in minutes.
  • Add your own rigging components on the fly as you animate.
  • Create more organic looking animations.
  • Visualize your animation by its Center of Mass.
  • Use the Center of Mass in your animation rig.
  • Automatically generate animation for secondary motion controls.
  • Make your spine easier to animate.
  • Create an entire snake slither animation from a single rotation curve.
  • Learn how to generate 'Dynamic Motion Capture' for any character or prop.

Join Me In The Space Switching Revolution!

Just $465 for information you can't find anywhere else!


  • What if this course is not for me? Do you offer refunds?

    Due to the nature of this video class format, I am unable to offer refunds. Please do your research ahead of time and be sure this information is beneficial to you before buying.

  • Can I download the lecture videos?

    No. Due to many reasons spanning from piracy concerns to tax and legal concerns. I understand how much more convenient that would be though. If I figure out a way around the reasons preventing me from doing this, I will.

  • What animation package are you training in? Will Space Switching work in all animation packages?

    The “Space Switching” course focuses exclusively on Autodesk Maya. Many of the principals can be transferred to other animation software, but the specific steps are using Maya.

  • I'm looking for a mentor and/or direct training. Do you offer one-on-one mentorship or a live classroom? Will I gain access to you directly by purchasing?

    Although I can’t provide one-on-one mentorship, the course provides a section for students to ask questions. I usually respond in less than 24 hours. But other students may see your question and dive in with a response as well. All courses use a video vault format for streaming pre-recorded lectures.

  • I have feedback on the information provided! How do I reach you?

    I love feedback and want your experience here to be the best it can be! I plan to iterate on the content available whenever I can. This means I can clarify any confusion on a given topic. Provide more documentation. Re-record or add new recordings on Space Switching topics when necessary. Any updates I make to the course will be free to users who have purchased the course. You can reach me at: - I can't promise to incorporate every bit of feedback, but I am listening.

  • I know you'll be teaching Space Switching, but will this include information on Acting, Posing, the 12 principles, etc...?

    The Space Switching course is limited to the topic of Space Switching. This does NOT include information on the 12 principles of animation, posing, acting, etc… If you are new to animation and do not yet know animation basics, this course is not advised. I’ll be covering more course topics in the future which may be a better fit.

  • Will you be covering more topics in the future? And by purchasing access to Space Switching, will that include access to all future topics as well?

    I will be covering more topics in the future. I'm excited to dive in on Acting, Gameplay Animation, Body Mechanics, and so much more! My goal is to cover 2 topics a year! By purchasing Space Switching, you're gaining access to the topic of Space Switching only. Future courses will be listed as separate classes you can purchase access to individually.

  • Do you offer enterprise accounts?

    Not at this time. Access is purchased per-individual. Refer to the Terms of Use page for more information.

To learn more about Moss and how we were able to make it using this workflow, check out this PlayStation Lifestyle interview.

The free Baqir Rig is a simple animation rig for Maya  and Blender. It’s provided via a standard NonCommercial License free of charge to accompany the curriculum at Animation Sherpa, for animation education and non-commercial personal use purposes.

The Baqir character model was created by Leo Ogawa Lillrank. The Maya rig was created by Richard Lico. The Blender rig was created by Pierrick Picaut. Its basic structure allows for users to follow along with the class structure and build their own space switching tools.

DISCLAIMER : The Space Switching course is not in Blender. The course is 100% in Maya. Blender rig is provided to support people that would like to take this class and apply the concepts to Blender.

I don't offer any Blender support or Q&A.